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Photo Facial - Rosacea, Brown Spots

PHOTO FACIAL - Rosacea, Brown Spots, Broken Capillaries, Pigmentation

As we age, the visible signs of sun damage, lifestyle choices and the natural aging process will appear in our complexion.

Photo Facial Rejuvenation is the only non-invasive procedure that can treat the following imperfections while encouraging collagen, all in the same treatment. With the use of AFT® Pulsed Light Technology, dramatic improvements can be accomplished
with minimal discomfort.

What Photo Facial Treats



How Photo Facial Works

Also known as IPL, Photo Facial Rejuvenation is an Intense Pulsed Light Treatment that can be delivered in a single session, or in a series. The light is gently pulsed over the treatment area and is absorbed by either the colour of lesions, or the colour in unwanted blood vessels. Lesions such as Age Spots will darken immediately and then fade/disappear within days. Veins and Capillaries often show an immediate response.

An exciting feature about Photo-Facial Rejuvenation is that there is little or NO DOWNTIME! Prior to treatments, it is important to avoid direct sun exposure, self tanning creams and the use of tanning beds, as freshly tanned skin increases the risk of complications. To ensure your treatments are both safe and effective, we recommend use of sunscreen.

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Due to the high volume of clients who do not show up for their bookings, The Facial Place now requires a Visa or MasterCard in order to secure a spa appointment of 2 hours or more or a group booking. The Facial Place requires 24 hours notice to cancel the reservation. If 24  hours notice is not given, The Facial Place will charge the card a $25.00 per hour fee.

Thank you for understanding how important it is to us to be able to re-book our time. 

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