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Laser Hair Removal

Now is the time to start your journey to permanent hair removal for your face and body. There is no reason to suffer with unwanted hair any longer.

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Treatments For Men & Women

How does Laser Work?
Laser Hair Removal, which is quite remarkable, is in fact quite simple to describe:

By emitting light energy, the pigment within the hair follicles absorbs light, which is then converted into heat…..the heat loosens the hair, disables the cells, and destroys the possibility of new hair growth. Hair count is reduced and you will have smoother skin. Treatments are safe, comfortable & can be used on all areas of the body, with the exception of eyebrows. Treatments are fast, and affordable.

Preparation for Laser is Easy.
You will be asked to shave the treatment area, prior to your session. To ensure a safe & effective treatment, it is extremely important to avoid direct sun exposure, self- tanners and tanning beds 4 weeks prior to treatment. *Clients are advised to inform us in situations where this has not been possible.

Assured Comfort & Safety:
Laser Sessions at The Facial Place include ZIMMER INTEGRATED COOLING…allowing your treatment to be more comfortable and safe. Clients are able to resume normal activities immediately after their laser treatment, and although some may experience mild redness/warmth, this usually subsides within a couple of hours.

For individuals with a darker skin type, our Technicians will perform "spot tests", allowing us the opportunity to determine a SAFE baseline from which to start. The number of treatments varies depending on the texture and location of the hair, as well as the color of the client's skin. On average clients can expect to require between 5 - 8 sessions. Sessions are usually spaced 6 weeks apart, and yet this can vary, depending on the area being treated.

Laser Hair Removal Pricing Per Session 

Full Leg $300.00 to $350.00 
Lower Leg $220.00
Upper Leg $250.00 to $300.00
Feet and Toes  $55.00
Regular Bikini  $69.00      
French Bikini  $90.00
Brazilian Bikini   $110.00     
Navel Area $55.00
Half Arm $100.00
Full Arm $175.00
Underarm $69.00
Upper Lip $55.00
Upper Lip and Chin $70.00
Chin $55.00
Chin and Neck $85.00
Full Face $99.00
Men's Shoulder $185.00
Men's Back $250.00 to $300.00
Men's Chest $200.00
Men's Chest and Abdomen $250.00 to $300.00


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Due to the high volume of clients who do not show up for their bookings, The Facial Place now requires a Visa or MasterCard in order to secure a spa appointment of 2 hours or more or a group booking. The Facial Place requires 24 hours notice to cancel the reservation. If 24  hours notice is not given, The Facial Place will charge the card a $25.00 per hour fee.      Thank you for understanding how important it is to us to be able to re-book our time. 

Unopened products can be returned within 14 days from the purchase date.
Opened items which are found defective can be returned within 14 days for refund, exchange or replacement.

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