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Botox® and Juvederm™ 


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Imagine three to four months of being able to defy the signs of aging from a single treatment with BOTOX® at THE FACIAL PLACE. You take good care of yourself but the squint and frown lines around your eyes and forehead still appear, making you look tired and older than you feel.

A simple BOTOX® injection procedure at THE FACIAL PLACE could eliminate those unappealing lines. During the procedure, a tiny amount of BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected into the muscle creating the dynamic wrinkle. The amount is determined by the problem and the patient's physiology. The needle used for the injection is so fine that pain is minimal; most patients say it's much like a bug bite. Nerve impulse to the muscle is blocked completely, resulting in its relaxation. As the muscle can no longer contract as easily, this, in turn, smoothens out the wrinkle in the skin overlying the muscle, making you look relaxed,
refreshed, and more youthful.

A BOTOX®® injection at THE FACIAL PLACE is so fast and easy that you could even do it over a lunch hour, and then drive yourself back to the office or home to resume normal activities without complication!

Available In Our Pickering Location Only. Call 905-831-9700 



Juvederm™ injectable gel"a next-generation" smooth consistency gel dermal filler offers smooth, natural looking and feeling results that can last for up to 1 year. So smooth and natural, everyone will notice (but no one will know)!

As we age, our skin changes. Over time, the natural volume of youthful skin begins to diminish as wrinkles and folds form. But, with Juvederm™ injectable gel and THE FACIAL PLACE, you dont have to just sit back and let it happen! Juvederm™ is a smooth consistency gel made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in your skin that helps to add volume and hydration. Your healthcare professional eases Juvederm™ injectable gel under the skin to instantly restore your skin's volume and smooth away facial wrinkles and folds, like your "smile lines" or "parentheses" (nasolabial folds - the creases that run from the bottom of your nose to the corners of your mouth).

Immediate Results With Juvederm™ the injection process takes only about 15 minutes and results are immediate. Plus, there's minimal recovery or downtime. So you can step into your doctor's office for treatment and step right back into your life.

Available In Our Pickering Location Only. Call 905-831-9700.


What is Soft Lift™ treatment?

A Soft Lift™ treatment is a personalized facial rejuvenation treatment that combines the benefits of Juvederm™ facial filler and Botox® (a wrinkle smoothing injectable) to help you look your best. A Soft Lift™ treatment addresses multiple signs of aging, including fine lines and loss of fullness, for optimal overall results without a facelift or other surgical procedure. With a Soft Lift™ treatment, you will look younger and the result will be very natural-looking. Gentle and completely non-surgical, it will instantly refresh your look in a single treatment.

How It Works
Many product and treatment plans target only one result of skin aging, such as fine lines or loss of fullness. Why can't you achieve more complete rejuvenation? With a Soft Lift™ treatment, now you can. A Soft Lift™ treatment combines the use of Juvederm™ hyaluronic acid facial filler with Botox® to address multiple signs of aging. In combination, these products can treat wrinkles and add volume to thinning facial features, fighting two major signs of aging for a natural-looking, youthful appearance.

The 3 D's

A Soft Lift™ treats the 3 D's of aging which are:

Available In Our Pickering Location Only

Due to the high volume of clients who do not show up for their bookings, The Facial Place now requires a Visa or MasterCard in order to secure a spa appointment of 2 hours or more or a group booking. The Facial Place requires 24 hours notice to cancel the reservation. If 24  hours notice is not given, The Facial Place will charge the card a $25.00 per hour fee.      Thank you for understanding how important it is to us to be able to re-book our time. 

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